Choosing a good frame for a painting is really an art in itself. A frame must give added value but not be more important than the artwork. Sometimes you have to be daring in choosing a certain frame. This was why the Impressionists often combed markets in search of classic gold-coloured frames, and they often suited surprisingly well. That means that a wide range of choice and good advice are important.

For this reason I often work closely with Eric & Marcel from the firm Barend van Zwieten (Hooftstraat 141, 2406 GG Alphen ad Rijn). They have a broad range of frames and much experience.

I have much of my original work framed by them. This gives a definite added value to my work, as for example for my exhibitions.  

How does this work?

  1. You can arrange it yourself.
  2. I will gladly come with you to the shop.
  3. I can make a pre-selection for you and provide a number of models, so that you can choose the best frame in my studio.

People sometimes prefer the third option, particularly if a painting is very large.   

I myself have some simple frames in stock and I can frame a drawing or the like for you in my studio.  There are also standard frames in an aluminium and wood finish in a great number of formats. These frames are mass-produced and therefore relatively cheaper than those made to measure.

I shall add just a comment about glass. Drawings, pastel work and screen prints must always be framed under glass. People often used to choose non-reflecting glass, but that causes much of the colour of the drawing to be masked. Ordinary glass would be better, but then you have a mirror reflection effect. To avoid this you could choose anti-reflective glass but, despite an enormous improvement in quality in recent years, this still gives a somewhat matt effect. There are new types of glass on the market which largely overcome these problems. In my studio I have examples of various types, including museum glass, to show their differences. Of course Barend van Zwieten have all kinds of glass in stock, but with corresponding differences in price which you should take into consideration. I will gladly advise you.

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